Intranet Portal, Expense and Project Management Using SharePoint
Intranet Portal for the Customer
Education-Tech Enhancement
Integrating these discrete solutions together to achieve the strategic goals involves significant support and development efforts.

    The following were the high-level features that needs to be implemented in the application:-
  • A Canada-based non-profit organisation working in the field of education had just recently adapted Microsoft Office 365 platform and wanted to leverage it fully for their content management and business process management needs.
  • VIT quickly designed a state-of-the-art intranet portal for the customer that can be accessed by all its employees and volunteers.
  • Master Data Management.
  • Credentials Management – Secure printing of Marks Cards and Degree Certificates, delivery of digitally signed Certificates, secure credential verification services for third parties.

Innovative Project Management Solutions
A centralized web-based system for effective management of administrative and university management functions. An information model that meets the needs of university management, college management, faculty, staff, and students enable students to extract required information from university computerized examination procedures and declaration of results in a fast and secure way. Computerize student data and enable the university to store biometric information so that a single identity is maintained easy integration with external applications.