A Window to paperless solution

DocPoint® is an open source platform comprising Document Management, Content Management and Workflow Management Solutions. DocPoint® encompasses handling the flow and process of work from the time documents stream into the firm until the time when an engagement is complete and securely stored. The key components of DocPoint® includes:

  • Document Viewer
  • Document Repository
  • Business process rule engine
  • Role based portal
  • Dashboard and Reports

Document Viewer

A Document viewer is a responsive web interface to view and edit the documents. It supports wide range document formats like DOC, DOCX and PDF. It has an inbuilt state-of-the-art OCR engine to convert images of typewritten or printed text into machine encoded text.

Document Repository

Document Repository is a secure archiving mechanism. It is used to track, manage and store the documents. The security of the document is handled using digital signature.

Business process rule engine

Business process rule engine is a process engine to execute the workflow used during handling of the document. It provides the ability to develop a data abstraction that represents the business entities and relationships that rules should be written against. It has strong extension points to have easy integration with other Business Processes.

Role based portal

DocPoint® portal provide unified access to enterprise information in a personalized fashion. Portal can leverage the access management platform to authenticate and authorize users. Once the user is authenticated and authorized, the portal presents an interface that can be personalized for each user to display the data and features the user has access to.

Dashboard and Reports

DocPoint® Dashboards and Reports provides meaning full reports ranging from real-time snapshots to yearly summaries.