Businesses have always been striving towards increased efficiency using automation and digitization since at least a couple of decades now. However, the Pandemic has hard-launched the World into a phase of digital revolution that was never imagined before. The sudden spurt of growth in digital infrastructure across the world and the change in attitudes and digital literacy of people has led to a phase of transformation which in only parallel to the Industrial Revolution and the Green Revolution that the world has witnessed in the past.

Warehouses are a key link in the Supply Chain Management of any Manufacturing concern and Distribution channels of a Wholesaler / Retailer. In this age of digital disruption, the Warehouses cannot afford to keep using paper-based approach to warehouse management.

DepoSoft® is a proprietary Warehouse Management System for digitizing the entire warehouse management operations from the receipt of the goods to the dispatch of goods outside the warehouse. The operations that are digitized include but are not limited to:

  • Receipt of the Goods into warehouse.
  • Quality Control processes for maintained the quality of the Goods stored in the warehouse.
  • Audit processes for monitoring the inventory losses due to pilferage or other reasons.
  • Integration with Weighbridges for automatic capture of the Weight during the receipt and dispatch of Goods.
  • Efficient movement of the Goods between different warehouses using various means of transport i.e. road, rail and ship.
  • Dispatch of the Goods outside the warehouse based on various policies i.e. FIFO, FEFO (First Expiring First Out) and the more complex Priority Listing policy that calculates the priority based on various parameters related to the Goods.

DepoSoft® also has the following value added features for quicker adoption and increased ROI:

  • Mobile Applications powered by VITMobile(TM) that support effective usage even in disconnected environments.
  • Simple and Light weight Mobile Pages to enable usage by less savvy Vendors or Customers.
  • Data Analytics that gives a better insight of the operational efficiency enable effective decision-making.

Major Modules

The following are some of the highlights of the major modules included in DepoSoft® Warehouse Management System:

DepoSoft® - Inventory Management Module

The Inventory Management Module of DepoSoft® provides efficient management of the movement and storage of goods and the related flow of information. The key objective put behind our design of this module is to ensure getting product to customers on time and as inexpensively as possible. Here are the list of services and features offered by this module:

  • Supports Deeper Warehouse Organization Structure: Warehouses/Buildings/Floors/Blocks/Racks
  • Supports individual Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) that are handled and stored with properties such as: weight, dimensions, case pack, automatic ID labels (bar codes, QR codes, etc.), and inventory by location with manufacture date, lot code, vendor ID, product ID, model ID, Serial Number. SKUs may include basic materials, fabricated parts, assemblies, and industrial and consumer finished goods, etc.
  • Supports multiple Vendors/Products/Models.
  • Supports intelligent search algorithms to check the availability of goods in a warehouse with flexibility to search the nearest warehouse which can supply the goods based on the distance/pin code.
  • Supports movement of goods between warehouses.
  • Provides Mobile/Tablet application for the staff to easily update the inventory while receiving/dispatching the goods.
  • Supports automated Procurement Request (PR) generation based on the warehouse inventory analytics
  • Supports seamless integration with DepoSoft® – Procurement Module OR Third party Procurement Module (SAP/Salesforce/Oracle) to raise Purchase Order (PO) and track the same.
  • Supports integration with Email Services/SMS/WhatsApp for Business for notification and alerts at different levels.
  • Seamless integration with customized IOT solution to support Consigned Inventory System

DepoSoft® – Distribution Module

The Distribution Module of DepoSoft® handles all the processes involved during the receiving of orders to delivering an order. Here are the list of services and features offered by this module:

  • Receiving Orders: Supports seamless integration with ERP system to import orders with configuration to schedule the importing process.
  • Planning: Supports daily planning by processing the orders received, identifying the nearest warehouse, checking the inventory, blocking an individual SKU for an order based on FIFO model.
  • Staffing: Supports identification of the warehouse responsible for processing the order.
  • Directing: Supports third party logistics operators to integrate with the system.
  • Supports integration with Call Center Application.
  • Provides Mobile/Tablet application for delivery person for identifying the best route, mapping the customer to the order and accepting Proof of Delivery for an order.
  • Supports prioritization of orders based on various parameters such as order date.
  • Supports integration with Email Services/SMS/WhatsApp for Business for notification and alerts at different levels.
  • Supports seamless integration with financial accounting systems (SAP/Salesforce/Tally).

DepoSoft® – Procurement Module

The Procurement Module of DepoSoft® provides easy mechanisms to ensure that the inventory is been fed based on the business analytics of warehouses. This module is responsible for generating and tracking Procurement Requests. Here are the list of services and features of this module:

  • Implements various business analytics algorithms and suggests procurement requests based on the usage at a warehouse level.
  • Supports automatic creation of Purchase Orders and tracking of the same.
  • Supports integration with third party dealer/customer management system to raise and track POs.
  • Supports seamless integration with financial accounting systems (SAP/Salesforce/Tally).

Use Cases

DepoSoft® is built with an open architecture and is highly customizable to meet the varying needs of the Customers. DepoSoft® can be used in different environments as varied as below:

  • DepoSoft® can be used by a FMCG company for managing the inventory of their raw materials, in-process goods and the finished goods. In fact DepoSoft® is currently being used by a Cosmetics Major across all their R&D centers in India for managing the inventory of raw materials and intermediaries used in their research.
  • DepoSoft® can be used by large Food Warehouse Corporations for effective management of the Food Grains. Depot Online System of Food Corporation of India has been implemented using DepoSoft® Warehouse Management System.
  • DepoSoft® can be used by Consumer Durable companies for inventory management and tracking of the finished goods from the point it leaves the factory till it reaches the End Consumer. DepoSoft® can track the various processes that have occurred at the item level.
  • DepoSoft® can be used by Wholesalers and Retailers for managing the inventory of the Products being sold.
  • DepoSoft® can be used by Cold Stores / Warehouse organizations that lease the storage space to external Customers for the complete warehouse management including advance booking of storage space, issuing Tradeable Warehouse Receipts etc.

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FCI Depot Online System powered by VIT DepoSoft®

Solution to manage end to end operations of all the Depots/Warehouses of Food Corporation of India that are spread across India

Warehouse Management System powered by DepoSoft® for a Cosmetics Major

Solution to automate the tracking of raw materials used in their cosmetic products, to ease the overall management and tracking of materials