Mobility Solutions for Field Data Capture in Mining / Manufacturing Industries
VIT's GPS Based Fleet Management
An environmental major, based in India required an end-to-end system for managing the solid waste management operations. This includes managing the flow of solid waste from the community bins to the central processing center/ composting plant. The GPS-based Fleet Management system for the garbage collection trucks, management of the personnel and the assets involved in the operations, etc.
VITMobile™ framework
The solution was built using VIT's GPS-Based Fleet Management and VITMobile™ framework. There are two different Mobile applications one for Ward Supervisor and another for driver of the garbage collection truck, were built using the VITMobile™ framework.
The truck driver uses the mobile application to receive the list of community bins from where the solid waste needs to be picked up and also update the status of the pickup back to the server.

    The following were the high-level objectives for application enhancement:-
  • The mobile application periodically transmits the GPS coordinates of the truck to the server which tracks the locations of all the trucks.
  • The Ward Supervisor uses the mobile application to track and report the status of the community bins in his ward to the server and also report the attendance of the Community Workers.
  • VIT GPS Application has been configured to trigger a workflow when a Community Bin is reported full, which creates a task for the Operator at the central processing station to process the pickup of that Community Bin.
  • The Operator uses the GPS Web application to track a garbage collection truck near to the Community Bin and assign the pickup job to it.
  • This is immediately notified to the corresponding Truck Driver's mobile application, so that the Truck Driver can act on it. Similarly another workflow is triggered, when the Ward Supervisor reports a wear and tear of the Community Bin, which creates the tasks for the maintenance personnel for the maintenance of the Community Bin.

GPS Web application to track a garbage collection truck
VIT provided hand held devices along with the application deployed on the mobile devices. Mobile application can also be deployed on different hand held devices that has pre-requisites for the application. A Web application will be hosted on a server system. Both server and mobile devices are required to have internet connectivity to be communicated with each other.