Android Mobile Application for DRM
Intellectual Properties for Digital Rights Management
Our client is one of the leaders in developing and licensing intellectual properties for Digital Rights Management and trusted computing. DRM Client system is developed to work on the various platforms and devices which includes Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and ARM platforms.
Decrypted Media Stream
They wanted to develop an Android application to showcase all their DRM functionality where it protects all types of media contents such as dash, hls, mp4, etc. and ebooks such as pdf, epub, doc etc.

    The following were the high-level objectives for application enhancement:-
  • The application should work with the native libraries and should have functionality such as download media-stream, playback of media contents, enabling rights for the protected contents using underlying DRM client native interfaces.
  • The application should have a rich UI elements and also play the decrypted media stream after enabling the right of using DRM licenses with native player.

React Native Framework
The application is designed using the React Native framework, an open source framework developed by Facebook which is built on top of JavaScript and it avoids code redundancy as the same code works on iOS and Android. This also makes the maintenance of the code much easier for both the platforms. The opted framework provides the flexibility of using the latest versions of native players for content playback AVPlayer for iOS. The application Native Bridge layer will access the native library API using the React Native Bridge to achieve all the DRM functionality. The UI has been designed and developed using the React Native UI components. The application development is designed in such a way that the same code works with both iOS and Android except for the layer which requires native interfacing. The technologies used included Java, React Native framework, Java Script, Android SDK, Android Studio.