Alfresco Content Management System for Document Management
Digital Business, Advanced Management
A leading US based four-dimensional modeling, simulation and analysis Product Company was looking to change the legacy Content Management System with Customized Version of Alfresco.
Multi Factor Authentication
The goal was to quickly understand the functionality and the code base of the existing application and develop the new features envisioned by the customer.

    The following were the high-level features that were implemented in the application:-
  • Migrating the authentication from devise authentication that stores the users information in the database to AWS Cognito.
  • Implement Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Modify the Facebook integration as per the new Pixel framework.
  • Integration with Payment gateways such as Paypal, Alignpay.
  • Implement Wallet feature to maintain contributions and donations.
  • Implement video embed feature for Rumble, Youtube, Vimeo.

Rails Tasks for Migrating the User Information
Implemented Rails Tasks for migrating the user information from Devise to AWS Cognito. Implemented a process to generate random passwords for the migrated accounts and send email alerts to the affected Users. The Users can click on the links with the access code to update their password. Also, created an Admin page for resetting the password for any of the Users. Implemented SMS Authentication Challenge of AWS Cognito for second factor authorization. Also implemented fingerprint authentication using a third-party tool. Implemented Bulk image import feature with proper attribution from UNSPLASH through REST API’s. Implemented Content importer enhancements for migrated sites to import all site data by reading curated content, including feeds for social media posts, news articles, videos, and photos. Implemented Wallet Manager and Wallet Subscriber feature as an extension of subscription system to make suggestions and contributions with automated mail configuration. Implemented video embed feature to convert video URL’s into iframe embed by reading the data dynamically.