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VITMobile Framework

VITMobile™ framework is a mobile middleware disconnected technology that is used for rapid development of efficient & smart B2B, B2E and B2C mobile applications. VITMobile framework provides integration, authentication, security and management capabilities to the mobile applications. VITMobile applications can work effectively even with limited or no network connectivity. VITMobile framework enables Mobile solutions to be effective in disconnected mode using the state of the art synchronization technology of the runtime engine. This advanced synchronization technology enables VITMobile framework to be used even in 3 tier architectures, where there is no direct access to the database. The engine intelligently pre-fetches required data when in connected mode so that it can be presented to the user when required in disconnected mode. The engine also stores the data updated in disconnected mode locally in a structured manner, and synchronized with the server when connectivity is available. The data stored locally can be accessed by the Mobile application for subsequent operations. Also, the data can be exchanged with another device using short range communications like Bluetooth, NFC etc.

With VITMobile framework, creating a mobile application is a matter of aggregating UI extensions and user configurations. VITMobile framework integrates with Apache Cordova and JQuery Mobile for multichannel app development to support multiple operating systems and multiple deployment methods (Native, HTML5/mobile web, mixed mode).

Key Differentiators

VITMobile based solutions are unique in nature and following are some of the key differentiators from other traditional mobile frameworks available in market.

  • Smartly stores data locally for easy access in disconnected mode.
  • Rules based configuration to manage local data
  • Ability to fetch information from past operations performed in disconnected mode in the same device.
  • Ability to share local data with a different device in proximity.


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GPS Fleet Management System

GPS Based Fleet Management System is a solution to managing and tracking a fleet of trucks / vehicles in real-time using the GPS system. The tracking relies on Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and cellular data service such as GPRS.

The GPS Based Fleet Management system essentially contains of the following two components:

  • GPS Tracking Device: This is a device that is mounted in the truck that continuously picks up the GPS co-ordinates and transmits the coordinates to the server in real-time. This could also be implemented as a mobile application that is installed on the vehicle’s driver mobile.
  • GPS Fleet Management Web Application is a central web application that monitors the real-time GPS coordinates of all the trucks /vehicles. The Web Application will be able to show the location of all the trucks in a map in real-time. The following picture is a snapshot of the page that visualizes the real-time location of two trucks in the map:

The following are the benefits of the GPS based Fleet Management System:

  • Increased Productivity eliminates discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by driver.
  • Reduced Overtime provides detailed real time vehicle tracking that gives accurate start and stops times as well as recorded idling and extended stops.
  • Lower Fuel Costs reduce your fuel bill by eliminating unapproved or extended journeys.
  • Reduce Private Use alerts will instantly flag any moment of the vehicle outside working hours.
  • Faster Response Times deploy your vehicles with greater speed, efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delay.
  • Reduce Communication Costs constant real time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so we can reduce cell phone calls to drivers.


DepoSoft™ is an Enterprise application for the automation of warehouse management operations. DepoSoft™, also referred as Depot Management System, enables increase in the efficiency of the human resources to speed up various operations. This solution contributes in saving operational costs by facilitating proper planning and optimizing administrative work. It minimizes data redundancy and enables recording stock inflow & outflow directly at the point of occurrence. The solution can also leverage existing hardware and software investments and provides enhancements as required.

Following is an overview of the solutions offered by DepoSoft™

  • Integrated Solution to streamline end to end warehouse operations
  • Enable Enterprise Information to access data anywhere anytime
  • Centralized Information Management System
  • Mobile Applications to record events at the point of occurrence
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Customized Reports and Dashboards
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integration with existing LOB applications

DepoSoft™ consists of the following components:

  • DepoSoft™ Web Application is a highly customizable web based application. It provides a seamless interface between different departments within the warehouse to coordinate and manage operations in a smooth & efficient manner. The Web application uses latest web technologies to provide user friendly interface even for unskilled staff. It uses role based authentication to provide simple, secured & filtered functionalities to targeted audience.
  • Management Dashboard: The Dashboard application provides a real-time view of the KPIs and other metrics of the Warehouse Management operations at different levels of the organization. The application enables effective decision making due to real-time availability of the data. The users can drill directly from KPIs to detailed information in order to make an informed decision.
  • DepoSoft™ Mobile Application built on the VIT Mobile framework are used by the Field Staff to capture the data at the point of occurrence to minimize redundancy and eliminate errors. The Mobile application leverages the VITMobile™ Framework’s offline synchronization and pre-fetch mechanisms to support effective operations even in disconnected mode.

DepoSoft™ Features:

  • Token & GatePass Management
  • Weight-Bridge Integration
  • Storage Management
  • Quality Management
  • Quantity Management
  • Inflow By Road
  • Inflow By Rail
  • Gunny-Bag Inventory Management
  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Labor Management
  • Release Order Accounting
  • Email/SMS Alerts
  • Mobile/Tablet Applications with Offline capability
  • MIS Reporting
  • BI Dashboards

DocPoint™ A Window to paperless solution

DocPoint™ is an open source platform comprising of Document Management, Content Management and Workflow Management Solutions. DocPoint™ encompasses handling the flow and process of work from the time documents stream into the firm until the time when an engagement is complete and securely stored. The key components of DocPoint™ includes:

  • Document Viewer
  • Document Repository
  • Business process rule engine
  • Role based portal
  • Dashboard and Reports

Document Viewer

Document viewer is a responsive web interface to view and edit the documents. It supports wide range document formats like DOC, DOCX and PDF. It has inbuilt state-of-the-art OCR engine to convert images of typewritten or printed text into machine encoded text. It shows the Whitehall view of the file along with the Green note sheet, editable view of all the documents in the file along with ability to approve, comment, edit and digitally sign the documents.

Document Repository

Document Repository is a secure archiving mechanism. It is used to track, manage and store the documents. The security of the document is handled using digital signature.

Business Process rule engine

Business process rule engine is a process engine to execute the workflow used during handling of the document. It provide the ability to develop a data abstraction that represents the business entities and relationships that rules should be written against. It has strong extension points to have easy integration with other Business Processes.

Role based portal

DocPoint™ portal provide unified access to enterprise information in a personalized fashion. Portal can leverage the access management platform to authenticate and authorize users. Once the user is authenticated and authorized, the portal presents an interface that can be personalized for each user to display the data and features that user has access to.

Dashboard and Reports

DocPoint™ Dashboards and Reports provides meaning full reports ranging from real-time snapshots to yearly summaries.

Key Benefits

  • Paperless office solution
  • Central repository for storing and organizing documents of different types.
  • Creation, review and approval process for documents.
  • Allows users to collaborate during review and approval process by allowing them to record observations.
  • White Hall view of file.
  • Supports for green notes with rich text editor and multilingual support.
  • Integrated workflow management system allowing custom workflow definitions.
  • Inbuilt document version control.
  • Centrally managed security and access control policies.
  • Fast search using indexing with industry standard document indexing.
  • Provides interfaces that can be integrated with scanners, cameras to convert paper documents to digital documents.
  • Alerts on new requests/tasks and change in workflow state.
  • Robust backup and recovery support.

Key Differentiators

  • Seamless support on mobile platform
  • Total office solution through easy integration with other Business Processes like purchase order management, expense management, inventory management, fleet management and asset management to name a few.
  • Hybrid Portal which simultaneously supports many different application types assigned to a role. For e.g., a given officer would not only see the document that needs to be edited but also get to see the workflow instances of the document.
  • Single-click Digital Signature insertion


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CitizenDirect™ is a proprietary solution for online municipal services built by VIT. It provides one stop online services for various departments of ULBs. These services includes registration, various tax payments, printing of authenticated certificates etc. under one roof.

Unifying all services gives citizens ability to find what they want quickly. It replaces manual services with online automated services reducing delays & increasing efficiency.

CitizenDirect™ also intends to implement Paperless office. Paperless office will be realized by digitization of documents (letters and files) and automating approval/review processes using work flow management system. CitizenDirect™ does handle digitization with integrating its proprietary DocPoint ™ solution.

CitizenDirect™ Services & Features

Property Tax & Self-Assessment

  • SAS Tax calculations & forms entry
  • Property extract generation
  • SAS Property tax register
  • SAS DCB register
  • MIS reports
  • Outstanding /Arrears reports
  • Part of A to F reports

Water Tax Revenue

  • Indexing and classification of all the water taps at one place bound to PID
  • Managing the taxation details for each taps
  • Maintaining the demand collection balance (DCB) register
  • Providing others key reports
  • Easy interface for citizens to know the water tax status
  • Tool to allow citizens to register their Grievances

Birth and Death Registration

  • Registration of hospitals
  • Birth and Death registration by hospitals
  • Unique registration id for each registration
  • Generation of Birth and Death certificates in PDF format
  • Easy interface for citizen to access Birth and Death certificates by registration id, date or name
  • Optional chargeable service for printing of Birth and Death certificates

Trader License Registration and Renewal

  • Integrated with tax database to verify the nature of usage & ownership along with property tax payments
  • Providers feature to create master concerned to license heads and sub heads under which new applications can be registered
  • Generate alerts via email & SMS when trader license near expiry
  • Generate periodic bill for trade license fees
  • Generate authentication certificate
  • Categorized license head wise DCB reports

Digitization and indexing of records

  • Searching of files and record.
  • Arranging of documents and records.
  • Cleaning documents date/order wise.
  • Creating dust free office environment.
  • Preventing from disaster if any.
  • Scanning of each document.
  • Storing in binary format.
  • Indexing of every file/record/documents.
  • Creating secured path to store & retrieve easily.
  • Hosting on cloud for centralized accessibility.
  • Quick & easy to locate needed documents.
  • Addressing RTI request becomes faster.


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XVarsity™ is a proprietary solution for University management built by VIT. This solution can be used by University to manage their records in a digitalized format and help them in smoothing up various University related operations. The solution will improve and make the services more efficient for all the stakeholders including the students, faculty, administrative staff and affiliated colleges.

XVarsity™ is designed for University to provide efficient services to the students while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the University staff. It bridges the gap between different stakeholders such as University, Affiliated colleges & Students and brings them together under the same umbrella where information can be shared smoothly. It will replace the existing paper work to get rid of clumsy, time consuming & costly paper based operations.

XVarsity™ Modules

XVarsity™ includes five major modules. University Operations, Human Resource Management, Hostel Management, Inventory Management, Fleet Management and Asset Management.

University Operations

  • Create and maintain key data required for university operations
  • Monitor academic policies, standards or programs of affiliated colleges
  • Capture student’s personal information along with biometric and biographic information
  • Enable students to make online fee payments
  • Keep track of student’s academic status
  • Plan and schedule exams
  • Securely maintain Question papers and answer scripts
  • Define grading methodology
  • Capture exam results and publish progress reports
  • Award degree
  • Create and maintain announcements, articles, news, images and scanned documents

Human Resource Management

  • Managing the activity that deals with the management of university staffs
  • Allow HR professionals to streamline the job applicant tracking process effectively
  • Manage the staff leave process by defining the leave policy and monitor the usage of it
  • Compile salary information and send it to Payroll Management System for payroll process

Hostel Management

  • Manage and monitor student accommodation in the University hostels

Inventory Management

  • Track inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries
  • Maintains the balance between too much or too little inventory

Fleet Management

  • Manages vehicle records, vehicle maintenance, fuel management and trip management

Asset Management

  • Enables tracking of tangible or in-tangible assets in the organization
  • Keep track of maintenance and servicing required for the asset
  • Triggers an event when asset is getting retired and make arrangement for asset disposal
  • Keep track of repayment or any payment to be made for the asset


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