TNPSC DocOffice powered by DocPoint™

TNPSC DocOffice, powered by DocPoint™, is a solution for managing all the day to day office activities for TNPSC. It consist of several modules like E-File Management, Personal Information System, Digitization and Archives, Meetings, Legal Case Management, Document Management and Knowledge Repository. Built on the top of rock solid platform of DocPoint™, TNPSC DocOffice is highly customizable solution.

TNPSC DocOffice Features:


  • Dashboard in TNPSC DocOffice is landing page post login by user. It shows up statistics that would be interested for an employee, such as how many requests he has processed in a day, in a month. Graphical representation of such statistics gives quick information to employees about work done and pending for them as well as gives idea about their own performance. Dashboard also includes various notifications such as meeting alerts and quick links for employees to navigate such as navigating to pending list of requests.

E-File Management

  • E-File supports Whitehall view of the files used by TNPSC. It supports workflows – which can be modified easily to suite changing needs.

  • Users can also see real time progress of file approval process at any given point of time. Along with where the process is pending at, it also show cases workflow that has been completed at given point of time.

Document Management and Knowledge Repository

  • Document management supports adding documents to file, downloading them, review them. We also support online editing of most popular formats of documents such as MS office files. Document management not only maintains history of file changes but give easy accessibility to access history.

  • All documents added to TNPSC knowledge repository can be searched by date or text contained in contents – for searchable files. These files can be downloaded, viewed from Knowledge repository.


  • Quite often, TNPSC gets hard copies of the forms or soft copies of the scanned form. To avoid manual entry of such forms, Digitization feature that supports scanning and OCR has been provided. OCR technology claims to be 60% accuracy which means at least 60% of manual entry time is saved.


  • Be it any office, meetings are important events for people to collaborate. Thriving to provide one stop application for all TNPSC needs, TNPSC DocOffice supports meetings. Salient feature includes scheduling meetings, meeting notifications, capturing meeting notes. Meeting alerts are displayed on Dashboard so that users do not have to traverse to meeting page to know about meeting.

Legal Case Management

  • TNPSC also handles various litigations, legal cases pertaining to its offices. Legal case management module has been designed to keep track of all the legal cases related to TNPSC and notify of the same to various stakeholder. Legal case management is keep track of all the legal cases related to TNPSC. Module allows to maintain information such as Courts where case is being fought, advisors for a particular case, and details of Opponents.

Personal Information System

  • Personal Information System, helps TNPSC keep detailed information about their employees. Details also involves information about their family members, employee qualifications, employment history and their skills information.

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