FCI Depot Online System powered by VIT DepoSoft™

FCI Depot Online System, powered by VIT DepoSoft™, is a solution for managing the end to end operations of all the Depots/Warehouses of Food Corporation of India that are spread across India. The solution would facilitate process automation, standardization and efficiency of the management of food grain distribution and would enable real time monitoring of operations and timely data reporting.

"The Depot Online System has been completed. It is an historic step. The automation of the entire process from entry and exit of food grains at FCI depots would bring total transparency in the working of FCI. This will improve efficiency in operations of depots," Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said at the launch of the system at an FCI depot in New Delhi on March 17th 2016.

Key benefits of FCI Depot Online System:

  • Enable process efficiency through innovative use of mobility and cloud based solutions

  • Reduce manual recording of information and thereby increase transparency by freeing up resources and manpower from repetitive tasks

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility through integration with procurement agencies and logistics partners

  • Track and monitor the end-to-end operation through business driven KPIs and management dash boards

  • Optimize the depot-to-depot movement cost through multi-modal transport options and efficient demand management

Here's a short video created by FCI that depicts the scope and context of the project

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